Why linen clothes will never go out of style

Why linen clothes will never go out of style

Linen is one of the earliest textiles made by humans. It was popular thousands of years ago and it’s still popular today.

Especially in the last decade linen clothing has come to the forefront once again, with brands, designers and consumers all being more conscious of sustainable sourcing.

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Old Linen Mill clothing falls under the category of slow fashion, which is an eco-friendly approach to fashion. Slow fashion advocates sustainability, longevity, fair and ethical manufacturing processes.

We care about our planet and its inhabitants, and we’re beyond happy that sustainability is winning over fast fashion. Sustainability should always be in style!

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Linen clothing is not only eco-friendly, it also genuinely looks good. On a physique of any shape or size. Linen dresses, tops or pants naturally have a lightweight and relaxed attitude about them, yet they still make the wearer look luxurious and effortlessly elegant. You can feel comfortable whilst looking your best - a timeless solution.

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Linen material is perfectly versatile. A classic linen dress can be worn for a casual lunch by the beach and also for a more special occasion, such as a wedding reception. Some brides even choose linen fabric for the wedding dress and they look stunning.

With your linen pieces being versatile and naturally durable, you’ll enjoy them for years to come. Linen clothing is strong, it will not loose shape or become weaker after many washes.

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Did you know that linen is considered a healthy fabric? It has anti-bacterial, anti-static and thermo-regulating properties. It’s also naturally moisture-wicking, meaning that linen dries quicker than other fabrics (perfect on a hot summer’s day) (or a steamy dance party). And you can be sure there won’t be any nasty fibres of plastic abrading your skin and making their way into your lungs.
Looking after your health will never go out of style!

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Here at Old Linen Mill we create minimalistic and timeless linen apparel designs that can be a staple to anyone’s closet, at any period of time. We don’t try to chase after the latest trends, rather we create pieces that are classical and will make you, linen lover, look elegant and feel good not only this year, but every year thereafter.

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