Elevate your table setting with linen

Elevate your table setting with linen
One of the most joyous parts of life in every culture around the globe, is to gather around a table with family or friends and share a lovingly prepared meal.

Inviting family over, hosting a dinner party, or enjoying a cosy date night can be made extra special with a gorgeous table setting.

table linen

Prior to any significant occasion, many of us are busy planning something delicious in preparation. But to truly elevate the dining experience and leave a lasting impression of your feast, the table setting shouldn’t be forgotten.

linen tablecloth, linen napkins and a linen runner

‘Dress to impress’ is a suitable saying for clothes AND for a dinner table. You don’t need to dress the table much to impress your guests, but these few components are pivotal:

First things first - a high-quality tablecloth

linen tablecloth

Linen is a popular choice for a reason. It has a very natural, simple yet elegant look and feel about it. By placing a linen tablecloth as a base, you inevitably create an atmosphere that is inviting and comforting.
With Old Linen Mill’s range of exquisite shades of linen, you can find a tablecloth that will seamlessly fit the occasion and your personal style.

Choose a table runner

Now, let’s jazz up the table a little with another layer of complimentary (or contrasting!) colour.

linen table runner

By placing a runner down the middle of the table, you can easily create a centre stage for your mouthwatering dishes or for a decorative centrepiece of your choice, such as flower arrangements or candles.

Finish with linen napkins

The last piece of the puzzle in our dress-to-impress mission is table napkins.

linen napkins

Linen napkins are reusable, sustainable, naturally festive and absolutely beautiful.
Taking a few minutes to fold and present the napkins in your choice of style will instantly make the table look nicely decorated. It’s also an easy way to add a splash of colour, if the occasion calls for it!
An effortless touch of elegance and a sure way to leave an impression on your guests.

On a more practical note, choosing linen for your tablescape comes with a host of benefits besides the aesthetic.

table linen

Linen is durable. Any tablecloth needs to survive spills and frequent machine washes. Quality linen is strong and actually gets better with every wash.

Linen naturally has anti-allergic and anti-fungal properties, it’s perfect for people who value nature and its gifts.

linen table picnic

Here at Old Linen Mill we use stonewashed linen that feels amazing to the touch. It’s soft yet still strong and firm. You can be sure it will stay nicely in place and won’t slide around the table like some other materials would.

table napkins

It’s a sustainable option. Flax plants require very little water to grow and the whole plant is used upon harvesting. All linen products naturally biodegrade at the end of their long lives.

table linen setting

Linen tablecloths, runners and napkins are a sure way to elevate your holiday feast or to make an ordinary dinner feel special. Create an atmosphere that is luxurious yet cosy and relaxing, all at the same time. Dress up your table with premium quality European linen from Old Linen Mill.